Children’s Online Voices

This case study is only a small section of Margaret Vass’s Masters Dissertation: Children’s Online Voices – A Case Study: “Can Weblogs, Wikis and other associated emerging social software tools be used to create an effective on-line learning community?”. You can read the full dissertation on Margaret’s blog here.

Resulting Impact on Teaching and Learning

The desire to share what they had written with their classmates impacted on the delivery of the curriculum. Stories the children had written were shared via the interactive whiteboard. These showings resulted in class discussions about what makes a good story, directing the children’s attention to nice use of descriptive words, etc.

Other ways in which the blogs and wikis directly influenced teaching and learning came about after the sharing of blog posts in class. For example:

  • As the pupils began adding more posts about what jobs they would like to choose, we began to seek out people from the ‘World of Work’ to come in to class and tell us about their job. We interviewed them and posted the videos on the class blog
  • Some of the children shared their love of reading in their blog posts. As a direct result of those posts, a book club was formed. The club was run by the pupils themselves and they shared their favourite books on ‘library loan’ basis and discussed their favourites.
  • During her placement, Miss L agreed to set up an art club. This arose because a number of the children had written blog posts about their love of drawing