Education Blog Awards 2012 – The Winners!

After a week of ruminating, the Education Blog Award Judges have come up with their winning blogs for this years Education Blog Awards.

There were 900 nominated blogs this year, and nearly 8000 votes – more than double the number we got in 2011! The ten blogs which achieved the most votes in each category were sent to the judges who have gone through the strict judging criteria and scored the blogs accordingly. Thank you very much indeed to all of the judges for spending most of last week judging!

Looking at the scores, each category was incredibly competitive, with only a few points between the highest and lowest scoring blogs – and fractions of a point in some cases between the winning blogs and the runners up… So without any further ado, here are the winning blogs, and the two runners up from each category:

Class Blog of the Year

Winning Blog


6D’s Blog

The Judges said:

“Well done – this is a great blog that gives a flavour of the learning that’s taking place in class. The children are contributing to it and are obviously benefiting from sharing their work with a wider audience.”

“I really love the variety of media on the blog, including text, video, polls and collaborative documents. I thought that using the blog to allow children to give feedback on their teacher was a fantastic idea!”

Shortlisted Blogs


Ferry Lane Year 6 Blog –

The Judges said: “It was great to read lots of children’s contributions on the blog. There is evidence of lots of learning being shared and the class will be motivated knowing they have so many visitors.”

Rosneath Primary P5/6 –

The Judges said: “A lovely blog involving all the children and a great way to show parents what is going on in school, with lots of comments which shows that it is well used.”

Whole School Blogsite of the Year

Winning Blog


Miriam Lord Community Primary School

The Judges said: “A thriving comments section and a really good focus on school events.A great window into school life.”;

Shortlisted Blogs


St John the Baptist’ Blogs –

The Judges said: “Packed-full, with separate blogs for every class, plus blogs on outdoor learning, ICT, clubs and more!”

Ferry Lane Primary School –

The Judges said: “Very good literacy blog posts from children, with blogs for each class, plus a leadership blog.”

Teacher Blog of the Year

Winning Blog


Miriam Lord Community Primary School

The Judges said: “A terrific blog featuring a range of different media. It shares best practice and project ideas, making this blog as useful to the outside world as it is for the children and parents of Miriam Lord Community Primary School.”

Shortlisted Blogs


Expat Educator –

The Judges said: “Clear blog with varied posts on different aspects of education.”

Cronton Year 4 –

The Judges said: “Very appealing class blog with lots of images and communication with children.”

Most Influential Blog of the Year

Winning Blog



The Judges said: “Organised events and cross-posting to other blogs has created a supportive network of Scottish teachers.and An effective and sustainable model.”

Shortlisted Blogs


100 Word Challenge –

The Judges said: “Countless class blogs enter the 100wc challenges each week. This site makes the most of a very simple idea – 100 word challenges – and has created an international creative community in the process.”

I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here! –

The Judges said: “A wonderful blog that shares innovative (but very simple) ideas very effectively.”

Congratulations to every blog listed above, please do place a badge on your blog! Consolations to those blogs who didn’t win – if you want feedback on any aspect please contact Chris and best of luck for the Education Blog Awards 2013!