Blogging not only engaged boys, it engaged all it encountered


Heathfield Primary School have been blogging since December 17th 2009. In that time, some benefits have been measurable and some have not! 14 months on, 200,000 hits later, Heathfield Primary School have seen a measurable increase in writing attainment. The Year 6 class that left in July 2010, blogged for 7 months. They left Year 6 making on average per pupil 6.6 points progress (roughly 2 years progress) in 12 months. Our Level 5 writing results increased from 9% to 63% in those same 12-months too.

Blogging at Heathfield not only engaged the boys, it just engaged all it encountered. Blogging transformed streetwise, cocky and over confident pupils into engaged, confident, enthused and determined pupils who through their blog now have a global awareness that only a blog could teach them.

Our pupils understand wholeheartedly that they have a global audience. This audience deserve the best that each pupil can produce. This is the key! Previously, we used to think that what the pupils planned and produced in their books was their best, we found quite quickly that this was not the case! Providing the pupils with a blog allows the pupil to have another editing process before their ‘real’ audience see their writing. Our blogs are very much an outcome. What you see on our blogs are a mixture of class based learning and writing and project work from home.

The more our pupils blog, the more we see our pupils from all year groups becoming increasingly engaged in their learning, co-operating together, learning together with each child, parent, teacher and virtual visitor having a safe window into the learning of each classroom.

Thank you to David Mitchell for writing this case study. You can find the Heathfield blogs here, and David tweets @deputymitchell