John Davitt


John Davitt is a writer, broadcaster and a digital toolmaker. He has worked in the education sector for the last twenty-five years as an English teacher, senior manager and regional adviser with the EU Flexible Learning Project.

John has worked extensively with teachers in schools in UK, USA, China and Africa and he is committed to leveling the playing field regarding access to new learning opportunities. He is the author of the book “New Tools for Learning” (2006) a practical guide as to how to make the technology fit the learning need, and the WordRoot CD an interactive guide to words and their etymology.

He has recently developed The Learning Score a visual tool that lets teachers map out and share learning intentions as a graphical event – rather like a music score. His most recent project is the open-source learning event generator now in use by thousands of teachers around the world His new book – “World of Difference” will be published in Summer 2011.

Find out more at twitter @johndavitt