Margaret Vass


Margaret is a “50 something icon_wink” Primary School class teacher who graduated from Moray House in 1994 after completing the B Ed honours course. She hadn’t heard of a Blog until a chance visit to a Scottish Learning Festival presentation entitled, ‘To Blog or not to Blog’ in 2006. The idea caught her imagination and she decided to “Blog”! It has changed the way she teaches. She has been blogging with her classes ever since and is very well aware of the impact this has had on learning and teaching, and how the curriculum has become more “child led”. As part of her Chartered Teacher Masters Degree, she carried out a case study to investigate the impact of using online spaces with her Primary 7 stage class.

She has recently returned to teaching after a two year secondment as an ICT Curriculum Support Officer – her main remit was to help introduce other teachers to the benefits of using online learning environments with pupils. More recently she has set up individual ePortfolios for each class member, and their blogs are an important part of this. Margaret’s own blog can be found at