“In terms of young children developing as writers QuadBlogging is the most interesting development in the last 20 years.” Pie Corbett 2012″

QuadBlogging links your class blog to three other blogs across the globe to give your pupils of any age a true authentic global audience over a 4 week repeating cycle. To date, over 70,000 pupils from over 2200 classes from 35 countries have taken part in QuadBlogging.

“WOW! Quadblogging has been awesome – an intentional response to our writing which is fantastic for the children to read… We have truly gone global through this and their sense of their place in the world has really become a reality. Quadblogging rocks!” Kimberley Rivett

“We haven’t been quadblogging for long but the impact on the children has been astonishing! The children regularly ask if we can blog something so that the children in the other schools can see what we’re doing.

For example, one of the classes in our quad is in Hawaii and they have been leaving some fabulous comments for us.” Chris Talbot

Theresa Allen

Quadblogging is run by David Mitchell and the website is www.quadblogging.net